Cheikh Diop, Founder of Afric’Arts


The creation of international relationships intended to promote cultural diversity with an emphasis on African art and culture.

  • 1977 Born in Dakar, capital of Senegal, West Africa
  • 2003 First international tour – UK
  • 2005 Became a UK resident
  • 2005 Creation of Afric’Arts


  • 2009 Participation in the ‘Ashley Band’ experience featuring a collective of musicians from Los Angeles and the UK to play at the FIMEC Festival in Chiclana, Southern Spain
  • 2008 Participation in the ‘Mankind Walks’ Music Project which resulted in the production of a music CD featuring myself and two other folk musicians, UK
  • 2007 Workshop leader and performer in many festivals including Glastonbury Festival 2007, Chelsea Festival 2006, Wychwood Festival of Cheltenham 2006 and 2007- Monmouth and Coleford Music Festivals. Also workshops at the Rainbow Music Camp in Monmouthshire every year since it’s beginning in 2003. UK
  • 2007 Workshop leader at the conference of the Severn Cluster Inset days in Berkeley involving teachers from schools from South Gloucestershire, UK. Received highest feedback score of 89%
  • 2007 Facilitator and entertainer since 2007 in UK and overseas corporate events for entertainment companies such as Drum Cafe UK, Danone, Nikken, in over ten cities around the world including Paris, Copenhagen, Jordan, Marrakech, Helsinki and Monaco
  • 2007 Youth Art worker at the Youth Cafe of Lydney, Gloucestershire, UK
  • 2005-2008 Shared experience through a tour of teaching African culture through drum, dance and songs in more than 200 schools England and Wales with both companies Afric’Arts and Tribal Vibes. 100% of positive feedback
  • 2005 Leader of successful After-School Clubs since 2005 in many schools in Gloucestershire. Among them being Coalway Junior, Ellwood Primary, Whitecross of Lydney, Berry Hill Primary. UK
  • 2005 Leader of an African play performed by students of Our Lady and St Michael’s school show, Abergavenny Theatre, Monmouthshire, UK
  • 2005 Second UK Tour
  • 2004 Participation in the Festival Kaay Fecc, Senegal
  • 2003 Joined the ‘Ballets Sinomew’, second National Ballets of Senegal at the Centre Culturel Blaise Senghor, Senegal
  • 2003 First international tour – UK
  • 2003 Participation in the ‘Taste of Africa’, a Cultural Exchange Project that consisted of a tour of a Senegalese ballet around schools and venues in Gloucestershire, UK
  • 2002 Participation in the workshops and collaborative works with world renowned master drummers and choreographers at the ‘KAAY FECC’ Festival, Senegal
  • 2002 Participation in the ‘Sons et Lumieres’ Festival, Island of Goree, near Dakar, Senegal
  • 2000 Joined the Ballets des Ambassadeurs de la Culture Africaine, Senegal
  • 1998 Creation of the ‘Alla Kheucha’ gallery/shop in HLM5, Dakar, Senegal
  • 1998 Creation of own band, the Siko Folah drumming group, Senegal
  • 1996 Left school to go semi-professional by joining the Sportive and Cultural Association of the local district of HLM5, Dakar, Senegal


  • 1997-1999 Frequent study trips to the coastal village of Saly, Senegal, a tourist attraction where lots of traditional ballet dancers and musician are based
  • 1994 Won the ‘AIDS Awareness’ drama prize with the college drama group, Senegal
  • 1991-1996 Member of College Docteur Samba Gueuye’s drama group, Senegal


  • 1996-1999 Triple champion of the Cultural Championship of Dakar Borough, Senegal
  • 1989 First prize, local county’s dance and drama scholar competition with the Culture Club, Senegal